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Answering Service
US Agents

All of Accu-Call's agents and call centers are US based and your incoming business calls are never transfered overseas. When you choose Accu-Call as your answering service provider, your account will be handled by highly trained, courteous, English speaking representatives. 


Accu-Call's call center will never close meaning we will never miss an incoming call to your business. Whether you need our services 24 hours a day, after hours, or in the midst of an emergency, Accu-Call's professional representatives will always be there to answer your phones. 

Nationwide Telephone Answering Service

At Accu-Call, we understand that both your time and money are valuable to you. Our telemessaging services give you the ability to optimize both. We can save you time by handling your calls during and after hours, by answering your customer's questions, by taking concise messages, dispatching and rerouting calls, as well as a wide range of support services to lower your costs while simultaneously raising your standard of service about your competitors. Accu-Call, offers affordable Call Center Services for companies of all sizes - from corporate to small business solutions.

Live, 24-hour Telemessaging
Our live, 24-hour telemessaging is about connecting with your customers, even when you cannot. With 24-hour telemessaging, your calls will be promptly answered by one of our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), up to 24 hours a day including holidays. Telemessaging services can be used on a full-time, part-time, overflow or after hours basis. Because there is no substitute for human interaction when it comes to your customers, all of our CSRs are extensively trained to efficiently and accurately serve their needs. 

Call Overflow / After-Hour Support
Your company can't afford to miss a potential customer's call because you're on another line or out of the office for the evening. Our call overflow and after hours support services give your customers the satisfaction of talking to an informed representative of your company, every time they call. You will never again lose a potential customer because no one was available to answer his or her call. 

Virtual Receptionist
Let Accu-Call, be your remote, virtual receptionist! We can promptly answer, dispatch, and direct your customer's calls to any person, department, mailbox, cell phone, pager, etc. per your instructions. Virtual receptionist service is a great way to lower employee costs while simultaneously raising the standard of service and professionalism of your compnay. Accu-Call, seamlessly integrates rerouting services so that your customers never know that they are speaking to your "virtual" receptionist. We can supplement your existing staff for call overflow, breaks, vacations and illnesses. Or, use your staff for more productive work while we answer and reroute all of your calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

Voicemail services can be used very effectively and is an excellent way to give out information about your products, services, schedules, etc. Our voicemail systems offer several options for your callers, including being connected with one of our customer service representatives. Your customers can have the best of worlds when it comes to voicemail and live answering: make it your caller's choice to make sure that you don't lose an important call to your competitor. We offer access to a "live CSR" from a voicemail box to assure and retain your customer, and transfer the caller to voicemail if that is their preference. Let us design a package of services that meets your company's needs.

Toll Free Numbers / Local Numbers
In addition to our call center solutions, Accu-Call, provides businesses with high quality local and/or toll free numbers at extremely low and competitive rates.

Message Delivery Options and Reporting
Accu-Call offers several message delivery options including: voicemail, fax, alpha / digital pager, email, cell phone, and call in. 

Accu-Call also offers reporting options, which include full documentation, accounting/statistical reports, and digital recordings to ensure account accuracy. All calls are digitally recorded for quality assurance and call-handling verification.

Accu-Call offers a state-of-the-art call center with specialized physician service alternative: MD-On-Call. With stringent managed care guidelines and requirements, MD-On-Call exceeds all National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) telephone service requirements. Since most medical liability insurers do not cover "voicemail only" call handling, MD-On-Call can customize an integrated messaging service to assure seamless coverage for physician practices. Our CSRs are comprehensively trained on simulators to manage medically sensitive calls. For your additional protection and security, all calls are digitally recorded for quality assurance, call handling verification, and may be used in problem resolution. 

Popular Features

 - Full web enabled, interactive call center services
 - 800# order taking / web chat / catalog order taking
 - Reservation scheduling / seminar registration / scripted surveys
 - Virtual receptionist service
 - Enhanced voicemail with "live operator option"
 - Professional and courteous customer service representatives
 - Calls are digitally recorded for quality assurance