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Call Overflow / After-Hour Support

After hours service, is a service provided in the early hours of the morning and the late hours of the evening. Your customers are your top priority during regular 8-5 work days, but customer satisfaction in the off hours is just as important. During these vital hours it is critical that you provide your calling clients with the same quality and assurance as you do during operating hours. Taking calls during this period is strenuous and is difficult to recruit and maintain a top notch staff to work for this so called graveyard shift. At Accu-Call, we have a team of dedicated professionals who take care of all your calls during these hours and the best part is it is simple and affordable! 

Message Center
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-The economical message center lets you decide how you receive your messages
-Change your settings to deliver voicemail, fax mail, or 
sms messages
-Login to our web portal wherever you are
-Text-to-speech allows your to call and have your messages read to you
Answering Service